Arizona Power Plant
and Transmission Line Siting Committee

Established by Laws 1971, Chapter 67

  • Relevant Statutes: Title 40, Chapter 2, Article 6.2 (Sections 40-360 through 40-360.13), Arizona Revised Statutes
  • Purpose: The Committee was created by the Legislature to “provide a single forum for the expeditious resolution of all matters concerning the location of electric generating plants and transmission lines in a single proceeding to which access will be open to interested and affected individuals, groups, county and municipal governments and other public bodies to participate in these decisions.” (Laws 1971, Ch. 67, § 1)
  • In general, the Committee has jurisdiction on:
    • Proposed plants generating 100 megawatts or more; and
    • Proposed above-ground transmission lines designed for 115kv or higher.
  • General Process: Utilities, with proposed power plants or transmission lines subject to Commission/Committee jurisdiction, are required to make an application with the Commission for a Certificate of Environmental Compatibility (CEC). The Committee considers, during public hearings, the matter(s) contained in the application relative to a series of factors specified in Section 40-360.06, Arizona Revised Statutes. Following these deliberations, the Committee makes a recommendation to the Commission regarding the CEC. The recommendation to the Commission may also include proposed conditions and/or restrictions. Subsequently, the Commission makes a final determination on the CEC application. The Commission votes on the CEC matter in a public proceeding and may accept, reject or modify the Committee’s recommendations.
  • For more details on the Committee’s jurisdiction, powers and duties, please consult the relevant statutes located in Title 40, Arizona Revised Statutes.

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For information on how to get involved in a proceeding before the Arizona Power Plant and Line Siting Committee contact the Consumer Services Section of the Arizona Corporation Commission Utilities Division:


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